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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is an allied health profession which abides by the regulations set by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). OT’s use meaningful activities to equip individuals or groups with the necessary skills to participate optimally in their occupations. These include: member of the family, work, play, scholastic performance, social-emotional, self-care (dressing, eating, sleeping etc.) or parenting. Additionally, Occupational Therapists specialize in different areas, including paediatrics; physical rehabilitation; mental health; geriatrics and community empowerment. Sensory Kidzone specializes in paediatrics.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

The areas that a child often struggles with include climbing on playground equipment, gross / fine motor skills, dominance, making friends, sitting still, concentration, being picky eaters, following instructions, left handedness, crossing the midline, muscle tone, postural control, copying from the book or board, being clumsy, cutting and hand writing difficulties. As a result, these difficulties could potentially lead to challenges in behaviour, concentration and emotional control. At Sensory Kidzone we use a range of techniques to address these difficulties including Ayres Sensory Integration, DIR®/Floortime, Tomatis® and Interactive Metronome®.

Ayres Sensory Integration®

In ASI ® therapy, the therapist uses meaningful sensory experiences to enable the client to process and integrate senses effectively; therefore interacting with the environment (home, school, community) appropriately. The person with sensory integrative dysfunction / sensory processing disorder experiences problems with reacting to and discriminating their senses (tactile, auditory, smell, oral, vision, position of body in space, sense of gravity and movement).  


The DIR model, using the Floortime approach, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating children with challenges with social, play and interaction. It focuses on helping children master the building blocks of relating, communicating and thinking.

Tomatis® SoListen

The Solisten® method is a home based programme that provides the Tomatis® effect and is able to reactivate the full listening potential of the individual. Listening is important for learning, communicating and managing emotions. At Sensory Kidzone, Solisten is recommended according to the individual needs of the client within the scope of OT.

Interactive Metronome®

IM is a biometric technology that measures and improves human timing. It is an advanced brain based rehabilitation assessment & treatment program. The aim of this programme is to improve the processing abilities that underlie human capabilities such as attention, speech & language, memory and learning, self-control, motor planning and sequencing.