Meet the Team

Sensory Kidzone has a dynamic team of therapists all sharing the same passion to work with children and their families.

Our Sensory Kidzone Team:

Ray Anne Cook: Occupational Therapist

Lisa Barnard: Occupational Therapist

Leanne van Zyl: Occupational Therapist

Robyn Turnbull: Occupational Therapist

Cecile Herselman: Speech and Language Therapist

Ray Anne Cook is the director of Sensory Kidzone.

Ray Anne has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy where her topic was on sensory processing and ADHD.

Ray Anne Cook

M. Occupational Therapy

She started and remains the director of Sensory Kidzone. Ray Anne has a passion for empowering parents to play with their children and has set up 2 toy libraries. In 1989, she certified in Ayre’s Sensory Integration and then lectured for the South African Institute for Sensory Integration (SAISI) since 1993. This led to serving on the SAISI Board since 1995 and is a past chairperson. Ray Anne has a passion for training Occupational Therapists and empowering parents and teachers. She frequently presents workshops relating to play, sensory integration and ADHD. Her qualifications include being certified in Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, Tomatis and DIR®/Floortime. She has been involved in the annual Kwêla Camp. Ray Anne was the first recipient of the Western Cape Annual Private Practitioners Life Time Achiever Award in 2009.

Lisa Barnard

M.Occupational Therapy

Lisa is an Ayre’s Sensory Integration® Certified Occupational Therapist. She achieved her Master’s Degree in early childhood intervention in 2010.

Lisa is passionate about children and their development. She graduated from University of Cape Town in 2006 and has worked in various fields from hospitals, clinics, homes and schools and has dealt with all age groups from premature babies to the elderly. However, with this said her specialty and passion lies in paediatrics and she pursues all avenues of intervention with regards to assisting children in their development. Lisa completed her Masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention and is certified in Ayers Sensory Integration®. She is certified in Talk Tools®. Lisa started and ran a private practice in Dubai for several years, where she focused on children with various challenges, facilitating optimal development through therapeutic intervention as well as implementing both home programs and specialized individual programs for children in the classroom.

Leanne van Zyl

Occupational Therapist

Leanne achieved her BSc Occupational Therapy degree in 2016. She is passionate about bringing Sensory Integration into each child’s individual world.

Leanne started her career at the University of the Western Cape as a clinical supervisor and later took on the role of fieldwork coordinator for 3rd and 4th year students. Following her passion, she started working as an Occupational Therapist at Sensory Kidzone, and has almost completed her journey of becoming a certified Ayres Sensory Integration therapist. Completed courses include the clinical analysis and treatment of children with cerebral palsy as well as advanced courses in South African Sign Language. She is also involved in the KWêLA camp annually. Her interests and exploration relate to Sensory Integration, Community Development, Education and Social-emotional development in children. Currently, she is exploring the involvement with a non-profit organization located in Kraaifontein to invest in sustaining early childhood development.

Robyn Turnbull

Occupational Therapist

Robyn is an Ayre’s Sensory Integration® Certified Occupational Therapist. She has joined her 2 passions of Occupational Therapy and horses in her work.

Robyn started her career with her focus on using Hippotherapy to compliment paediatric occupational therapy. She has attended courses on group based therapy (OTGrow), Low Vision Conference (UJ) and Fundamental Hippotherapy (EATASA). This has led to her current position as secretary for the Equine Assisted Therapy Association of South Africa. Robyn is exploring the link between Hippotherapy and Sensory Integration and will continue developing the correlation as an Ayre’s  Sensory Integration® certified therapist. Furthermore, Robyn is a certified level 1 Tomatis practitioner as well as certified in level 1 Interactive Metronome. She continues to utilize these techniques throughout therapeutic intervention with individuals ranging from early childhood to adulthood.

Cecile Herselman

Speech and Language Therapist

Cecile’s heart beats warmly for all matters concerning young children.  She aims to optimise their communication and interaction so that every child can communicate his/her feelings, stories and ideas.  

Our Speech Therapist graduated at the University of Stellenbosch (2005).  Then spent one year in Upington working at 5 district schools doing early literacy/phonological awareness training with teachers and learners.  This further solidified her resolve to focus her efforts on children who struggle with interaction, social connectedness and communication due to some or other difference in their development.  Her therapy aims at meeting the child where he/she is at, building trust and then aiding development where needed through therapy individualised to that child’s specific profile and preferences. She has now gained many years’ experience working in private practice and at schools.  Cecile believes in the team effort and eagerly partners with parents, teachers and other professionals to cater therapy to the child’s development as a whole.  She is trained in DIR/Floortime, Tiny Handz sign language and PROMPT therapy.