MOTTO: “Empowering through knowledge and support”


  • To provide OT’s with an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of OT in the paediatric / learning and educational setting with special emphasis on ASI®
  • Develop each occupational therapist to their full potential by supporting one another, developing self-knowledge, therapeutic skills and sharing information.

The study groups have been running since 2004. The group size varies from 4 to 10 people.  They are 2 hours and then normally a ½ hour before and after for those who want to socialize and support one another. Annual members commit to come monthly to the group to reach the objectives. In January the provisional programme of topics are chosen by the group for the year, and this may be adapted accordingly i.e. stay longer on a specific topic or if the group requests another topic.

Communication is via WhatsApp group and emails to disseminate information such as notes, courses, research etc.

A ½ hour is kept open for sharing information and a case presentation by members to learn, share advice and insight into the case.

CPD points are applied for through OTASA so you need to be a member of OTASA and it is your responsibility to sign in and out on the register.

Please Note: Currently our study groups are being conducted on Zoom, where the sessions are also recorded and shared to the group members for future reference. This method is what the group has decided on during COVID and will presume until notice given to return to face-to-face.


Ray Anne is a mentor for INSTOPP (Institute for Private Practitioners) under the auspices of OTASA (Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa).

If you are currently busy completing courses in receiving certification in Ayres Sensory Integration and looking for a mentor, Ray Anne mentors with the writing of protocols (Interpretation Course) and the Fidelity Measure (Intervention Course) as she has been recognized as a renowned mentor for SAISI (South African Institute for Sensory Integration).


Ray Anne lectures on a variety of topics related to her work for either occupational therapists, teacher, parents and allied health professionals. These are done as face to face or as via internet.

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