Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listeningâ was developed by Occupational Therapists Sheila Frick, OTR It is a sound-based intervention within the context of sensory integrative perspective, which emphasize vestibular stimulation and postural movement strategies and allow therapists to approach the auditory and vestibular system directly.  This is to sustain grounding and centering of the body and mind in space and time while listening. TL provides high quality auditory input that is electronically altered music which  has been designed to produce specific effects on listening skills when the child follows a prescribed program. Listening is the process of detecting sound, organizing and integrating it for use with information from the other senses. Listening skill difficulties are found to be an integral part of perceptual, motor, attention and learning difficulties affecting many of our children. Listening thus becomes a function of our whole body and not just the ear.  It is active and requires the desire to communicate and the ability to focus the ear on certain sounds selected for discrimination and interpretation. At  SensoryKizone we use it during therapy or consult with parents to use it as a home programme.